Architecture of DB Systems WiSe2023/24
(VU, 706.543 Architecture of Database Systems)

ADBS is a 5 ECTS bachelor and master course, applicable in the TU Graz master catalogs 'Data Science' and 'Software Technology'. This course covers the achitecture and internals of traditional and modern database systems. To this end, covered topics include system architectures, data storage and access techniques (e.g., buffer pool, compression, indexing), query processing techniques (e.g., local and distributed execution), query optimization (e.g., rewrites, join ordering), and selected topics of emerging technologies.


In detail, the course covers the following topics, which also reflects the course calendar. All slides will be made available prior to the individual lectures, which take place Oct 18, 6pm (introduction, virtually via call-in details) and Dec 04-07 (in-person in HS i10).

A: System Architecture and Data Access

  • 01 Introduction and Overview [Oct 18, 6pm]
  • 02 DB System Architectures [Dec 04]
  • 03 Data Layouts and Bufferpool Management [Dec 04]
  • 04 Index Structures and Partitioning [Dec 04]
  • 05 Compression Techniques [Dec 04]

B: Query Processing and Optimization

  • 06 Query Processing (operators, execution models) [Dec 05]
  • 07 Query Compilation and Parallelization [Dec 05]
  • 08 Query Optimization (rewrites, costs, join ordering) [Dec 05]
  • 09 Adaptive Query Processing [Dec 07]

C: Emerging Topics

  • 10 Cloud Database Systems [Dec 07]
  • 11 Modern Concurrency Control [Dec 07]
  • 12 Modern Storage and HW Accelerators [Dec 07]


The lectures are accompanied by mandatory programming projects (to the extend of 2 ECTS, i.e, roughly 50 working hours). In this semester, the task is to implement an efficient, multi-threaded group-by aggregation operator (with multiple group-by columns, additive aggregation functions, and different data types) that passes the provided tests and achieves a given minimum performance of: score > physical-cores/2.

Project Setup (Sep 13, 2023; initial version)


  • Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Boehm, TU Berlin, DAMS
  • Teaching Assistant: M.Tech. Arnab Phani, TU Berlin, DAMS
  • Exercise submission: Jan 31, 2024
  • Final oral exams: mid February
  • Grading: 30% project, 70% final exam