Data Management WS2021/22
(INF.01017UF VO, INF.02018UF KU, 706.010 VU)

This course covers, primarily from a user perspective, foundations of database systems in terms of design and data modeling, query languages and APIs, physical design, query and transaction processing, as well as foundations of modern, distributed data management and analysis. Thus, the course consists of two main parts: (a) database systems, and (b) modern data management. Due to different course types and ECTS schemes, INF.01017UF includes lectures of parts (a) and (b), INF.02018UF includes exercises of parts (a) and (b), while 706.010 includes lectures and exercises of part (a) only.


In detail, the course covers the following topics, which also reflects the course calendar. All slides will be made available prior to the individual lectures, which take place Monday's 6.10pm in HS-i13 or virtually.

A: Database Systems

  • 01 Introduction and Overview [Oct 04, pdf, pptx]
  • 02 Conceptual Architecture and Design [Oct 11, pdf, pptx]
  • 03 Data Models and Normalization [Oct 18, pdf, pptx]
  • 04 Relational Algebra and Tuple Calculus [Oct 25, pdf, pptx]
  • 05 Query Languages (SQL, XML, JSON) [Nov 08, pdf, pptx]
  • 06 APIs (ODBC, JDBC, OR frameworks) [Nov 15, pdf, pptx]
  • 07 Physical Design and Tuning [Nov 22, pdf, pptx]
  • 08 Query Processing [Nov 29, pdf, pptx]
  • 09 Transaction Processing and Concurrency [Dec 06, pdf, pptx]

B: Modern Data Management

  • 10 NoSQL (key-value, document, graph) [Dec 13, pdf, pptx]
  • 11 Distributed Storage and Data Analysis [Jan 07, 6.10pm, pdf, pptx]
  • 12 Data Stream Processing Systems [Jan 17, pdf, pptx]


The lectures are accompanied by mandatory exercises for gaining practical experience. This semester's application domain are the Austrian national elections (2017 and 2019): Dataset.

A: Database Systems

B: Modern Data Management


  • Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Boehm, M.Tech. Arnab Phani, ISDS
  • Teaching Assistants: Christian Blöcher, Nives Križanec, Artem Kroviakov, Thomas Mühlbacher, Ema Salkić, Harald Semmelrock
  • Final written exams: Feb 04 (2x DM, DB), Mar 25 (DM/DB)
  • Grading 706.010: 30% exercises (mandatory), 70% final exam
  • Exercises: passed, if total points ≥ 50% and all submitted